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Best SEO Services for small businesses

Professional SEO Services

Having a perfect website doesn’t just do it. If you don’t optimize your website for search engines, your website will never be found online. In this case, you will need SEO services. Here at Build a Website Today we do a little black magic called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you don’t do SEO for your Website, you will never be found online and will lose all potential clients.

We don’t do Blackhat SEO, we only do what Google recommends in order to help your business rank (White Hat SEO).


best SEO services
best SEO services for small businesses

How do we go about our SEO Services? Before starting any SEO campaign, we, first of all, do a site audit. Some of the checks in this audit are to test for page load times, mobile friendliness and more. We also go about to check on the content of your website. Search engines don’t just rank content simply because it is content, but ranks content if it is organized and shaped in a particular way. Search engines always look for the best-optimized content to provide searchers. That’s where our SEO services come in handy.

After this website audit, we provide you a report and when ever you are ready to get found in search engines, you can contact us and we proceed from there.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS) About Our SEO Services

How Long Before my site ranks and I start seeing results?

SEO is not a sprint, but rather it is a marathon. This is especially so when your site is new. Some sites take upto 6 months to start getting traffic from search engines.

When will I appear first in google Search?

It depends as we can’t control what Google does or doesn’t. the best we can do is what google says its best for your website to rank. Also, much will depend on keyword difficulty and competition. So a site in a higher competition niche will take a bit longer to rank than a site in a low competition niche

Do I have to add new content regularly for best results?

YES you have to. What we do is optimize your website it self in the best possible way for search engines to know your website and what is talking about. But to take your rankings even higher, it is a good rule to publish new and fresh content to your websites every now and then.

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